Mississippi Elvis Tag

Show your love with the new Mississippi Elvis Presley Automobile Tag.

Elvis Car Tag - Create Foundation

A portion of the license plate fee goes to support the charities of the Tupelo Elvis Presley Fan Club.

Elvis had dreams for east Tupelo. One of those dreams was for a swimming pool.  Now - one of our yearly donations helps support the New Aquatic Center on Veterans Boulevard.

We hope to make his dreams come true by supporting partnerships to enrich recreational and educational opportunities for the youth of East Tupelo and Mississippi.

Proceeds from the sale of the MS Elvis Car Tag go to fund the Diane Wilson Whitt $10,000 Scholarship Fund. Each year we give a scholarship to each of three talented graduating Seniors: One $5000, one $3000, and one $2000 scholarship.

We also support other youth programs from the proceeds such as Dancing with the King (dance scholarships for young dancers), The Regional Rehab, The Special Olympics, Tupelo Children’s Mansion, Women of Distinction, The Gumtree Youth Art Scholarships, Le Bonheur, St. Jude, The Pied Piper Playhouse and many others. The Fan Club donated over $60,000.00 last year and we hope to donate even more this year.

Thank you for purchasing the Mississippi Elvis Automobile Tag.