Modeled after Roger Marshutz's icon photo known as The Hands.

Modeled after Roger Marshutz’s icon photo known as The Hands.

The Tupelo Elvis Fan Club is pleased to announce phase two of the Elvis Fairpark Statue brick program. The circle of love around the statue has been filled.

We are now filling the area between the circle of love and the statue base.

Please contact us by our website contact form if you have questions.

At present we are unable to ship brick replicas and certificates to international locations due to exceptionally high shipping costs.

Bricks can still be purchased by those outside the U.S. and a brick will be laid at the base of the statue on your behalf.

*see note above*  Click here for instructions to purchase a brick.  *see note above*

The following Certificates can be purchased for the Buyer or the Recipient.

Picture of the Standard Certificate of Donation ($10.00 extra).

Picture of the In Memory Certificate ($10.00 extra).

Picture of the In Honor Certificate ($10.00 extra).